S.T.A. Executive
Soluzioni Tecnologiche Avanzate
S.T.A. is a engineering and construction  
Company established since 1995 in Santhią,  
founded by a group of experienced technicians  
and engineers coming from a large previous  
experiences of industrial electrical and  
automation designing and from different process  
The Company is normally involved in process  
automation projects where many times is also  
able to bring "turn key" solutions about all  
electrical and automation aspects of the project.

The main important are :
Along these years the company, through its engineers, was developing
several engineering and software standards and tools based on more
known Automation platforms, operator interface solutions as well as
Supervision packages.
Furthermore about the variable speed control STA has developed
several experiences in order to integrate complex systems based on
different converters/inverters brands and, in particular, since several
years STA has implemented a large experience on A.C. Technology for
multi- motors configurations.
Our standard and modular approaching to develop process Software
increased reliability as well as efficiency of our products including
diagnostic and trouble shouting more detailed.
For the Process Software special programming methods are used. They
are based on using of Structured Languages that are embedded inside
the PLC improving the software performances and allowing to build up
sophisticated process models.
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